Client: Abo Ali Cardiff

Abo Ali Cardiff

Abo Ali is a popular restaurant selling delicious Lebanese food along Cardiff’s famous City rd. The owner has had a lot of experience in the restaurant industry over the past 20 years and contacted Amigo Consulting about the development of a website that would best suit his needs. He also wanted us to set up his facebook page and if possible take control of his old one that appeared to be unclaimable.  The company had lost its original domain name because the previous unreliable web developer had disappeared and was uncontactable.


We set his corporate colours and current branding within the website and integrated his blogging/news page with social media sites. This ensured that only one post had to be published and then it would be reflected across the chosen social media pages.  His menu is capable of being expanded into an online ordering menu but is also integrated into facebook.

A gallery page was created to show his food – customers like to see what they are going to buy into.  Other little touches include a display on the site, telling customers whether the store is still open. This is important for a restaurant like Abo Ali because they are open quite late.


Amigo Consulting held a small photo shoot at the restaurant to create imagery for the site. This included the restaurant infrastructure, the food and staff.  We wanted to capture the style, atmosphere and cuisine into order to keep potential customers as informed as possible.


The task was to try to reclaim the automatically created facebook page and manage it. The original automatically generated page had so many mismatches in it that it made it hard to prove Abo Ali as the genuine claimant. – The company name was even misspelled! The important thing here was to take control of everything that could be controlled in a marketing sense in order to ensure that the correct message was being released.  In the meantime, a new Facebook page was created in order to start directing customers to a page that we could control. Eventually when we convinced Facebook of Abo Ali’s genuine claim we  were able to correct all the misinformation and start funneling all customers from there to the new page. Sound complicated?