Web Development

Connecting Your Business

Convey your message

Your company website will allow you to broadcast your message to potential customers whether it be promotions, corporate ethos, special offer information

Promote your Brand

Strengthen your brand recognition and improve your company’s status through striking designs that are customised to your needs

Show what you offer

Your web site is your shop window. Use it to show off your products and services.

improve customer interaction

Provide a clear location for your customers to contact you with queries about your products and services

The world is moving faster.  People are relying increasingly on the internet for most of their day to day research. Hundreds of companies appear on their screen at the touch of a button.  The largest companies are fighting hard for the top spot on the search results. Do you have a website?  If the answer is no, then most of these people will not even realise that you exist!

However, even if you do have a website, what do you do with it?

Do you refer to it in your promotional material and on your business cards?

Do you update it frequently to keep the attention of repeat visitors?

Having a website does not automatically mean that you generate more business prospects. Amigo Consulting will not simply build you a website, we will advise you on how to promote it, how to make it work for you and become more successful.

Convey your message

Shout it from the rooftops!!   Tell everyone what your company is about and why you are different from other competitors.  They need to know your intention in order to make an informed purchasing decision.  Help them to understand your ethos,  your mission and values.  What are your strengths?  What is your company striving to achieve? If customers “connect” to a company by sharing your goals then they are likely to consider purchasing from you. For example – environmental policy, charities, investment in people, local sourcing etc

Promote your Brand

Your website allows you to develop and promote your brand without the constraints of a third party.  This sets the tone for your company and products or services it supplies. Do you want to come across as a friendly small business with attention to detail and personal touch with customers, or do you want to be portrayed as a slick, efficient corporate business that provides services to people in an automated manner that allows customers to purchase your products at any time. A customised web site allows you to control how you are perceived and gives you the opportunity to set align your brand with your business strategy.

Show what you offer

Your website is your shop window. It gives visitors the opportunity to understand and see the amazing products and services that you are able to provide them.   From delicious baked goods, beautiful jewellery, to professional services, your website will be able to outline the details of each product or service so customers can get an accurate idea what they are buying. Online purchases can be a daunting process for most people because they want ensure that the money they spend is being used to buy the correct item. Imagery and description will help to smooth their buying process.

Improve customer interaction

Give your customers the reassurance that you can be contacted!  Your site will allow you to connect with your customers in many different ways. Live Chat boxes, Phone numbers, email addresses and postal addresses all help the customer to understand that you are not afraid to be contact by them.  They will have the reassurance that you can be contacted if they need presales or after sales assistance.